Get a head start in earning your Chartered Professional Accountant designation

CPA Ontario LogoThe School of Administrative Studies’ Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is a CPA Ontario accredited program designed for students who want to get a head start in earning their Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation! The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting is offered three times a year in the fall, winter and summer, and can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

For those students who complete the program on a full-time basis, it is possible to complete the CPA PEP and the Common Final Exam (CFE) in 9 months.  For part-time students, it is possible to complete the CPA PEP and the CFE in 12 months. It would normally take students 2 years to complete the CPA PEP part-time, as offered by CPA Ontario.

The Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting consists of five courses that address the advanced competencies in professional accounting. Upon completion:

  • students will have fulfilled all of the CPA PEP Core modules and all four Electives.
  • students will be eligible for advance standing and commence Capstone 1 in the CPA PEP program.

CPA Diploma

High Quality Student Experience

The program is designed to put students on the path for academic and professional success. Students will be sharing the classroom with other highly motivated peers and have the opportunity to develop a vibrant learning community. Full-time and part-time professors, all recognized for their teaching excellence, will use the case method in all the courses, providing students with the opportunity to prepare for both the CFE and to develop the enabling competencies required of a professional accountant.  Class sizes are capped at 25 students, which means students will benefit from individual attention and continuous feedback in each course. Outside of the classroom, workshops and networking events will be offered to help students further prepare for their professional career.

Flexible and Accessible Schedule

Recognizing that our student needs vary considerably, students have the option of completing all five courses on a full-time or on a part-time basis. Given the intensive nature of the courses, for those students who wish to complete the program on a full-time basis, it will not be possible to work. For those students who choose to complete the program on a part-time basis, the program must be completed within eight months. To accommodate students’ schedules, courses for part-time students will be offered in the evening and on weekends.

Self-Assessment Checklist

You may download and fill out this form to see if you are eligible to apply to the program: Graduate_Diploma_Self-Assessment_Checklist July 2016

Application Form

PACC Graduate Diploma application form (Fillable)

Please submit the completed application form and the self-assessment checklist to Atkinson 282.

Application deadline is July 31st for the Fall term, November 30th for the Winter term, and March 31st for the Summer term.