How often is the diploma offered?

The program will be offered three times a year: Fall, Winter and Summer.

What are the admission requirements?

A BCom (Honours) with an accounting specialization, with the completion of courses as outlined in . Graduates of the School of Administrative Studies Certificate in Accounting who have a four year honours degree will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note: The graduate diploma course requisites exceed the PEP entry requirements.

Refer to the admission requirements.

Complete a self assessment - refer to the admissions checklist

Why are the course requirements for the diploma different than BCom requirements to CPA PEP program?

Apart from a higher GPA requirement, York BCom students who wish to pursue the diploma are expected to complete ADMS 4553, ADMS 4570 and ADMS 4590. These courses are designed to cover the curriculum of CPA CORE 1 and CORE 2 modules.

Where will the diploma take me in the CPA path?

Upon graduation, students will fulfill all of the PEP Core modules and all 4 Electives (Assurance, Taxation, Performance Measurement, and Finance). Graduates will be eligible to commence Capstone 1 in the CPA PEP program. It is possible to complete Capstone 1, 2 and the CFE in 5 months.

What is the schedule of courses?

Part-time students complete the program in two consecutive terms. Students are accepted within a cohort and are assigned courses with their cohort. Course availability will dictate whether your cohort is assigned 2 or 3 courses in the first term. Courses for part-time students will be offered in the evenings from 7-10 pm and on weekends. Under extenuating circumstances, a student may apply to take the courses over 3 terms (additional fees may apply).

Full-time students are offered a compliment of both day-time and evening classes

How much is tuition*?

Tuition information can be found on the Student Financial Services website.

Can I obtain OSAP for this program?

Unfortunately, OSAP is not available for this program at this time.

I work full time during the day, will there be evening classes?

Yes, if you are enrolled in the part-time program classes will be offered on weeknights from 7-10pm and on weekends. It is possible to complete the program part time while working during the day. However, students must complete the program within 12 months.

I am currently in my last year in the BCom program, when should I apply?

You should apply in the beginning of your last term for early admission decision. The application deadlines for are:

Fall offering – July 31st

Winter offering – November 30th

Summer offering – March 31st

Will courses count towards CPA PEP if I do not complete the diploma?

No. The accreditation is for the program as a whole, therefore, individual courses cannot count towards CPA PEP.

What are the graduation requirements?

A minimum of 60% in all 5 courses and an average of 70%.

I have a commerce degree from another University and have completed all CPA PREP equivalent courses, can I apply?

Non-School of Administrative Studies students who have completed a four-year Canadian business degree, and have completed the equivalent pre-requisite courses, will be considered on case by case basis. International degrees obtained outside of Canada will not qualify for admission into the Diploma in Professional Accounting program.