Curriculum and Schedule


The program consists of five mandatory courses in assurance, taxation, performance measurement, finance, and integrative case analysis. The first four courses fulfill the respective PEP Elective Modules, and the last course integrates knowledge and skills expected of a CPA entering into the profession.

PACC 5530 - Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Students learn to analyze corporate financial performance using financial statements and other information from Canadian companies. They learn multiple methods of valuing companies. They write professional analytical and valuation reports and explain complex technical reports in oral presentations.

PACC 5550 - Issues in the Practice of Assurance

The objective of the course is to develop both the technical and practical knowledge necessary to be a competent professional auditor in a variety of engagements. Through writing and presenting professional reports, working in teams, and critiquing current practices, students are guided to provide balanced solutions, which reflect ethical and professional values, to problems that today’s professional auditors face.

PACC 5560 - Taxation and Financial Decision-Making in Canada

Building on undergraduate courses in personal and corporate tax, this course uses the case study method to help students further develop and integrate the key competencies and tax knowledge needed by Canadian accountants in public practice, industry, and government. It looks at the importance of tax in financial decision-making and financial reporting and good internal control and risk management practices

PACC 5570 - Performance Management Systems

This course introduces fundamental theories and concepts behind performance measurements and how these relate to governance, ethics and risk. It makes extensive use of cases to highlight lessons learned and best practices. It aims to develop critical thinking skills via the application of concepts and theories to business cases and improves students’ understanding of management behavior related to performance measurements. Course Credit Exclusions: GS/ FACC 6140

PACC 5590 - Integrative Analysis in Accounting

This case-based course focuses on the development of integrative and analytical skills that professional accountants should possess. Technical areas of study include financial reporting, governance and strategy, management accounting, assurance, finance, and taxation. Through teamwork, report writing, and presentation, students are guided to provide solutions to issues that today’s accountants may face, while maintaining ethical behaviour and professionalism.

Course schedule

Winter 2019

Course                     Schedule (*)                            Instructor

PACC 5530             Sunday 10:00 am                  Binu Mathai

PACC 5550             Wednesday 7:00 pm             Bartosz Amerski

PACC 5560             Sunday 2:30 pm                    Joanne Maggee

PACC 5570             Monday 7:00 pm                   Gajindra Maharaj

PACC 5590             Thursday 7:00 pm                Sandra Iacobelli

* Duration of classes is 180 minutes