Admission and Fees

Admission Requirements

The diploma is open to graduates of School of Administrative Studies’ BCom Honours program who have completed the following courses:

  • Economics: ECON 1000, ECON 1010
  • Information Technology: ADMS 2511
  • Law: ADMS 2610
  • Strategy and Governance: ADMS 4900
  • Quantitative Methods: ADMS 2320
  • Financial Reporting: ADMS 2500, ADMS 3585, ADMS 3595, ADMS 4520
  • Management Accounting: ADMS 2510, ADMS 3510
  • Finance: ADMS 3530, ADMS 4540
  • Taxation: ADMS 3520, ADMS 4561
  • Assurance: ADMS 4551, ADMS 4553
  • Capstone: ADMS 4570, ADMS 4590

with a minimum of 60% in each of the above courses and a 70% average. In addition, students must have an average of 6.5 GPA in all of the 4000-level courses listed above.

For students who have received transfer credit on entry into the BAS program, grades will be calculated from the courses that were deemed equivalent at that time.

For students who have completed the School of Administrative Studies’ Accounting Certificate, a 4-year Honours degree will be required and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Program Fees

Fees information is available on the Student Financial Services website.